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Back in the Libronix days there were a number of collections, workspaces, etc. users could share with others. Basically we could take advantage of other users knowledge and labor if they were willing to share. With Logos we do not have the same type of capability.

Many users have posted a range of questions and ideas pertaining to these types of issues and forum users respond with their suggestions and solutions. We end up with many of the same things being posted over and over again; the same screen shots, etc.

The idea behind the creation of this section of the Wiki is to share ideas and solutions for users in a more structured and organized way, rather than flooding forum threads with the same information over and over again.

Hypothetical Benefits example:
A new user to Logos might wonder how he or she can do an effective word study. They could go to “Best Practices” and find layouts for word study, a list of resources that are suggested, and a suggested process for doing an effective study.

All of us have ideas, knowledge and methods that someone else might benefit from to become more productive in Bible study. This is a good place to share that information in a practical way.

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