Logos is collecting customer feedback for its products with UserVoice. There are different UserVoice sites for the various products Logos offers:


Some of the most popular suggestions on UserVoice have been “improve notes”. Unfortunately, these suggestions have tended to be dozens of separate feature requests rolled into one item. This makes it very difficult for Logos developers to know what is actually a popular enhancement, and what is just tagging along for the ride. Since we don’t have the resources to implement everything at once, we need to split these up into multiple cases, enabling you to indicate (with your votes) what’s actually most important to implement first.

In order to serve you and get a better sense of what customers would like to see, we have declined the rework notes function suggestion and have replaced it with the following suggestions (in rough order of popularity). Please give your votes to these new suggestions (or made additional, highly focused suggestions if your favorite item is not already covered):

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