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How do I upgrade from Libronix (Logos 3)?

You could download the latest version of Logos (free) and consider buying a Crossgrade to get the main features of the latest version. See Upgrade or Crossgrade to Logos 6? for the options available to you.

When I have installed the latest version can I get rid of Libronix?

The short answer is, yes. There are however, some reasons you might want to keep Libronix on your computer.

  1. You need to use some of the Missing Features.
  2. You need to activate Libronix or Logos 2 resources (this could be done more conveniently via a call to Customer Service).
  3. There is a large learning curve with the latest version which does many thing differently than Libronix.
  4. There are certain Personal Book Builder (PBB) resources that are essential to your work.

Can I perform functions that I’m familiar with in Logos 3?

See Libronix Features in Logos

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