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What is the Text Comparison tool?

  Please view the Logos tutorial video Text Comparison and the Feature video Text Compare.

  • The Text Comparison tool will allow you to view and compare multiple Bible translations. Show Differences highlights difference in other Bibles relative to the first Bible in your list. Show Base Text shows text found in the first Bible (with a strike-thru) relative to each of the other Bibles.
  • When linked, the Text Comparison will update as you move through your Bible.
  • When the alignment is set to Automatic, the Bible verses in Text Comparison will automatically adjust as you re-size the window.
  • When you select verses in your Bible, the Text Comparison text will automatically follow what you have selected.
  • To open Text Comparison tool:
    1. Click on Tools in the top menubar.
    2. Click on Text Comparison in the drop down menu.


  1. Reference box. Enter your Bible reference here.
  2. Bible list box, this are which Bibles to display. Enter your Bible abbreviations separated by commas or select from the drop down menu. The first entry is used as the reference Bible which the others can be compared to.
  3. Show differences toggle button.
  4. Show Base Text (differences between base text are shown with strike-thru text)


Reference box

  • In the Reference box, just start typing in a Bible reference and Logos will show you a drop down list of the verse you are entering along with pericopes (headings).

Bible list box

  • In the Bible list box, if you clear the entry and then start typing in the initials of a Bible, a drop down list of Bibles will appear.

  • To enter more Bibles, type in a comma after the last Bible. Then start typing the initials of another Bible and the list will drop down.
    Continue the process (adding commas and Bibles) until you get the Bibles that you want.

  • Once that you have your list complete make sure that while the cursor is still in the Bible list box that you press Enter on your keyboard. (this tells Logos to lock in your new selections).
  • If you have entered lists in here before, you can just click at the end of the list in the Bible list box to place your cursor there. Then Logos will drop down a list of recent Bible groupings that you have done. Then you can select one of these.
    (seems that Logos associates the recent with an active resource or layout. So the recent may vary with resource/layout.)

  • In the Bible list box, you can also select tagged resources (those that you have tagged in your Library window) and Collections (those which you have created into a named collection). This might be convenient for original language resources.

Show Differences

  • Show Differences will allow you to see difference between Bible translations relative to the base version (first Bible in your list).

  1. Click on the Show Differences button (the first A to the right of the Bible list box).

  2. Notice your base version is the first Bible on the left. (e.g. the Bible which the other versions are compared to).

  3. The other Bible version(s) to the right of the base version are compared to the first Bible.
    1. Notice the percentage difference under each compared version.
    2. Notice the red degree symbol (small red superscripted circle) next to the blue text. These are differences between the base version’s text.

  4. If you click on the Show Differences again, it removes the visual difference markings.

Show Base Text

  • Show Base Text works with Show Differences.
  • If you have Show Differences turned OFF, notice that Show Base Text button is disabled.
    Thus you will need Show Differences turned ON before you can use the Show Base Text.

    1. Click on the Show Differences button to turn it ON.
    2. Click on the Show Base Text button.
    3. Notice that the words that are crossed out are the words from the Base text which were not found in this position of the compared Bible version.
    4. Notice that words which were different from the Base text version are blue.
    5. Clicking on the Show Base Text button again will turn OFF the Show Base Text.


Window options

  • When you click on the icon for this tool, the windows options drop down appears:


Layout orientation options

  • You can pick one of the following.

  • Automatic

        This will determine the best method (Horizontal or Vertical) depending on the pane’s width.

  • Horizontal

        Display Bibles horizontally (columns)

  • Vertical

        Display Bibles vertically (similar to paragraphs)

Comparison Features


  • Show Differences

        Corresponds to the left A button on the menu bar.

  • Show Base Text

        Corresponds to the right A button on the menu bar.

Additional controls used with Comparison Features

  • You can turn On/Off any or all of these when Show Difference is active.

  • Ignore Case

        When checked, the comparisons will ignore the case of the letters.

  • Ignore marks

        When checked, the comparison will ignore the accents and breathing marks. (e.g. Greek text)

  • Ignore punctuation

        When checked, the comparison will ignore punctuation marks.


When hovering in a Bible

  • You can get a pop-up version of Text Comparison to appear when you are in your Bible or a Commentary.
  • Hover over a word in your Bible, then press F7 and a pop-up version will appear.
        Mac note: if “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard keys” in Keyboard preferences is unchecked, then (fn) key needs to be pressed with F7
    • If you click on the Text Comparison pop-up, it will open Text Comparison tab in your main window.
    • To hide the pop-up Text Comparison, click in your Bible.
    • the versions in the pop-up are your Top Five Bibles.


  1. Hover your mouse over a word in your Bible resource.
  2. On your keyboard press F7. The Text Comparison pop-up appears.
  3. Notice that the Text Comparison reference is the same as that which appears in the Bible reference box.
  4. Click on your Bible reference to hide the Text Comparison pop-up.

Why does Show Base Text appear disabled?

  • Show Differences needs to be enabled first. Then Show Base Text will be enabled.


Linking Text Comparison

  • Linking Text Comparison works the same as most tools in Logos.


  • Follow allows Text Comparison to follow which ever resource that you click (resources which are navigated via Bible passages).
  • When Follow is selected, an Astrix appears in the window’s icon as shown below.


  • When linked to one of the standard Letters, it follows the Bible passage which the resource has in its reference box.
  • See Linking Resources.
  • If you are not familiar with Linking, please watch this video Bibles and Commentaries. About half way through it discusses Linking which is a feature that links different resources together so that they will track each other (as you move along in a Bible then if the commentary is linked, it will track where you are in the Bible).


  • When None is selected, it follows what ever passage appears in the reference box. This might come in handy when you want to search for info on a particular Bible passage.


How to use a Collection in Text Compare

Note: to have only 2 Bibles in the list box you will need to make sure that you have at least 2 Bibles setup in your Prioritization, otherwise Logos will force a third Bible to be added to your list. (see this post)

  • When using a Collection or a Tagged resource set you may have noticed that you have no control in selecting a Base version for comparison.
    • Example:

      • If I used a tagged resource set (or collection), then I have no control over which Base version will be used.

      • But to overcome this problem you can manually enter which Bible that you want to use as a Base version in the Bible List box in front of your tagged set or collection (as shown below) and separate it with a comma and then press Enter. Logos will use it as the Base version and ignore repeating it from the tagged set or collection.

Tip: how to navigate Text Compare Verse-by-Verse

     Links with and will be shown as such for about a month. After showing for a month, the flag will be removed.

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