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As a new user of Logos 4, I’d like to know more about one of the scroll bar features I’ve found. When reading from a reference book I see that there are small bars across the scroll bar where I’ve previously been reading. These are not places I’ve bookmarked, but simply places I’ve been reading. Are these simply places I’ve left off reading during a particular reading session? Can these be removed from the scroll bar? Thanks!

  • James, these questions are best asked in the forum. As orphaned wiki pages may never get looked at.
  • Some answers to your questions can be found at Visual Bookmarks in the wiki. This link is found in the Table of Contents wiki page (look at the bottom).
  • If this doesn’t answer all your questions, go to the Logos 4 Forum and place a Post (you will see a link in large letters Write a new Post). Just create a new post and state your question in it. Many power users view & answer questions there.
  • Hope this helps you!

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