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Key Features

  • A ‘critical’ type of commentary, tending toward the evangelical perspective
  • Most Biblical books represented; a few remain to be published / developed
  • Resource is frequently included in personal ‘Top-X’ lists on the forum
  • Some members don’t appreciate the commentary text split into three sections, per verse-section (see pages below)

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Matthew C Jones (from forum)

The WBC is worth every penny of the sale price, IF you use it. I got it and found it has more technical depth than I can make use of. (I am not currently a teacher or preacher.) I put in a Pre-Pub bid on Learn to Use Biblical Hebrew and Greek Using Logos Bible Software so I can appreciate the information contained in WBC.

The WBC has always been a popular title and there have been several occassions over the last few years when it has been offered at sale prices. There will likely be more opportunities in the future to get it. (I’m keeping my license just in case I am wrong! ) If you would not use it much you should consider more academic types of resources that will refine your ministry skills.

Denise Barnhart

This is one of my favorites, since it tends to be pretty balanced and in-depth. Typically I review the commentary text and translation/notes, skipping the form section. In difficult passages, it generally goes into considerable depth on the alternative interpretations.

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