Resource: The First Hebrew Primer: Textbook, Answer Book, and Audio Companion

Key Features

  • Geared towards absolute beginners. Goal is to get students reading and understanding Biblical Hebrew as quickly as possible.
  • Lessons emphasize recognition and translation, not memorization.
  • Introduces reading the Bible in Hebrew via guided reading of the Book of Ruth, simplified at first but eventually the actual text.
  • Includes exercises at end of each chapter. All answers are included in the Answer Key, except for translations of biblical quotes.
  • “Audio Companion”: narrators (alternating M/F) read aloud Hebrew in vocabulary lists, oral reviews, exercises, and parts of grammar.
  • Pages: 414 in Primer, 76 in Answer Book

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Table of Contents:



  • Guided Reading:*

Some Verb Tables:


Sample from the Audio Companion

Note: Wherever you see a blue asterisk in the grammar, you can click on it to get the Audio Companion to play
For the purposes of this sample, just click anywhere on this image to play the audio for this vocabulary list. Page (with user reviews)

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