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Key Features

  • Includes all aramaic entries in the Logos Targums
  • Part of the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project (CAL). Link shown below.
  • Additionally reflects variation in aramaic usage in the Talmuds and Syrian/Syriac

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James W Bennett (forum: partial-commment)
There is a Targum Lexicon that comes with the purchase of the Targums from Logos for only $30. While it provides word meaning in the various dialects of Aramaic I believe it is limited to the vocabulary of the Targums. And if you are working with the Talmud you have to remember that even if a word entry exists in CAL the meaning can be very different from that used in the Talmud, something like 3-4 centuries of language evolution.

George Somsel (forum: partial-comment)
There are a limited number of lexica which are worth having:
1. BDAG or Louw-Nida for NT (You really ought to have BDAG whether you have Louw-Nida or not)
2. HALOT or BDB for OT
3. LSJ to supplement #1
4. Targum Lexicon for peanut butter sandwiches
5. Lust for some LXX use
6. Glosses for the Qumran sectarian Manuscripts
With anything else, you’re wasting your time. [It would be nice to have Jastrow – I have it in many PDF files]

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