Resource: TLOT (Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament)

Key Features

  • This lexicon highlights the background of the hebrew/aramaic words, discussing their usage among the semitic languages
  • Word usage statistics are provided by OT-book, similar to Logos4 capabilities
  • In building your library, this one would supplement your main hebrew/aramaic lexicons, especially where you want further clarification on key theological words
  • Although the article count is limited, the actual coverage is surprisingly good

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Forum Threads That Include Significant Discussion on this Resource (TLOT relative to TIDOTTE)

Wiki & Key Forum Comments

Kevin Becker (forum)
For OT word studies in seminary I used NIDOTTE and TLOT (in that order) for help. I have the print version of NIDOTTE. I would love to get it in Logos, however, Zondervan’s pricing scheme leaves a lot to be desired.

For these types of word study helps I recommend these two books.

Denise Barnhart

If you enjoy digging into the OT parallels (Ras Shamra, Canaanite, etc), the lexicon is a treasure to have on-hand. If however you’re looking for an in-depth theological discussion, TWOT would probably be a better choice.

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