Resource: TDNT (Theological Dictionary of the NT)

Key Features

  • Popularly known as ‘Kittel’ (concise version = ‘Little Kittel’)
  • Very extensive articles typically discussed by time period
  • Emphasizes example usage in the greek world

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Dan DeVilder (forum – portion of comment)
The TDNT is way more extensive than NIDNTT, but they have (to me) a similar structure. TDNT is probably more ‘respected’ or ‘vaunted’, but I turn to NIDNTT way more than the TDNT. NIDNTT is a bit more concise (which may be why they came out with TDNTA), perhaps a bit more “conservative” and more readable.

Michael Childs (forum)
Time. Kittel takes more time to find what you need. Time a pastor does not have.
Just my experience as a pastor. May be different for others. But preparing a sermon, I reach for Colin Brown first.

Tom Reynolds (forum)
I’ve never used the Abridged TDNT as my Greek exegesis professor 15 years go said it was useless. It has all the conclusions of outdated German scholarship without any of the background information that makes TDNT so valuable. Just his two cents worth but I would use Colin before the TDNT. I have both in Logos but of course only use the full TDNT.

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