Resource: Novum Testamentum (Tischendorf)

Key Features

  • Older apparatus, but considerably detailed
  • Words are in latin but understandable; manuscript IDs by Tischendorf
  • Continues to be well regarded

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Louis St. Hilaire (forum)
In the print, all the apparatus notes for each verse are compated into a single block of text, with each variant separated by a “|”, as Robertson describes. Since an electronic resource does’t have the same space constraints as a print book, we put each note on a new line to make the apparatus more readable. Thus, wherever the print had a “|”, you will find a new line.

Rick Brannan (forum: partial-comment)
For Tischendorf, “Novum Testamentum Graece (Tischendorf)” is the best, it aligns best with the apparatus. This does not have sympathetic highlighting. Other Tischendorf editions (if you have them) have no morph, or they have no accents/breathings.

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