Resource: Lexham Greek-English Interlinear Septuagint

Key Features

  • Interlinear for the greek OT, including morph-tags and english glosses
  • Books include the OT, plus the OT apocrypha (i.e. NRSV OT)
  • Also includes the alternate texts (Joshua, Judges, Tobit, Susanna, Daniel, Bel/Dragon; last three Theodotion)

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Mike S. (forum)
I would say that someone like yourself would be better off with the NETS translation of the LXX (Not currently available in Logos, I have it in another program and you can get the PDFs of individual books for free online). There’s no interlinear for Gottingen... you’d just get frustrated that you spent hundreds of dollars on something you can’t read. If you want interlinear stick with the Lexham LXX Interlinear!

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