Resource: Lexham Greek-English Interlinear NT

Key Features

  • Makes use of the new Greek New Testament SBL Edition (included in the package, along with apparatus)
  • Also includes the earlier interlinear using NA27 (two interlinears in the package)
  • Both include links to Louw and Nida

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Rick Brannan (forum: partial-comment)
This is an interlinear version of the SBL Greek New Testament. It has the same type of data as the existing NA27-based Lexham Greek-English Interlinear New Testament (lemmas, morph, transliterations, Louw-Nida references, Strongs, and two levels of English glossing), only it is an interlinear of the SBLGNT text. It also includes apparatus markers, which are linked to the SBLGNT apparatus. Thanks to Hall Harris for his work in getting out this edition of the interlinear.

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