Resource: Lexham Analytical Lexicon

Key Features

  • A lexicon that includes all the forms of each greek word in the NT
  • Great for use, where a greek word hasn’t yet been tagged
  • Provides links to the L&N# for cross-reference

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Sam Henderson (forum: partial-comment)
I find Logos’ own Lexham Analytical Lexicon to the GNT good because it provides a header for every lexical entry with every reference from the the NT for each shade of meaning, crosslinked to Louw-Nida numbers for a more expansive definition.

Rick Brannan (forum – from Logos)
The Lexham Analytical Lexicon uses LN references to split definitions into subentries. The problem is that there could be several entries proper for one particular LN reference.

So we don’t currently support what you ask (Lexham Analytical Lexicon as a destination for LN references), but it is definitely a great suggestion to consider for future development of that resource. The lexicon is being updated as the final proofing pass is done on the Lexham Greek-English Interlinear New Testament, so that may be an opportunity to look into adding this type of referencing.

Denise Barnhart

Like several other forum members, I use LAL to ‘catch’ a right-click on greek word forms that the other lexicons don’t catch. I prioritize it BELOW my main greek lexicons. That way, even if Logos hasn’t tagged a word, if it’s form is somewhere in the NT, LAL will catch it, give a short definition, where used in the NT, and the respective L&N#.

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