Resource: LSJ (Greek-English Lexicon – Liddell/Scott)

Key Features

  • Qualifies for the word ‘massive’
  • Emphasizes the greek classic period (LXX / 2nd Temple period writings)
  • Good as a supplement to BDAG or similar

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Michael Aubrey (forum on using LSJ vs church fathers)
There is no Ancient Greek lexicon in existence (yet – two are in production, though neither are Greek-English) that as thoroughly covers the time period dealt with by Sophocles’ lexicon. Neither LSJ nor Lampe comes even close. Unless you know Spanish incredibly well, you would need Sophocles to do good work in the church fathers.

Jonathan Burke (forum on value of abridged LSJ)
An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon, Liddell & Scott: This is an abridged version of LJS9 (with revised supplement), the grandfather of Greek lexicons, with a scope sweeping from from the 11th century BC to the Byzantine Period. Even though it’s abridged, it’s still incredibly valuable. By the way, you can search for Greek words in the full version of LSJ9 online here for free, but you need to know your Greek (or at least your transliteration)

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