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Key Features

  • Stresses the Torah (first 5 books of the OT), but also offers a few other OT books
  • Reflects a Jewish viewpoint, and tends toward a more liberal perspective (critical)
  • Excellent to supplement the larger commentaries; can purchase individual volumes

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Ben (forum)
JPS Torah Commentary. Excellent stuff.

Jonathan Burke (forum)
I would always recommend reading the JPS commentary series, which are invariably scholarly and well thought out works providing a different perspective.The JPS Genesis commentary was written by the well respected Nahum Sarna, who wrote very well researched work which I find highly accessible.

I strongly second the recommendation of Wenham’s commentary, and would also recommend Victor Hamilton (NICOT), and the relevant volume in the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds series, since the Genesis commentary was written by Walton.

Eric Gurvis (forum)
Here are some of the items you already offer, but only in the top line edition which I, as a rabbi, would find useful:

  • The Encyclopaedia of Judaism (5 Vols.)
  • Entering the High Holy Days
  • A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ (5 Vols.)
  • Image and Reality: The Jews in the World of the Christians in the Second Century
  • Jewish Law (4 Vols.)
  • JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words
  • JPS Guide to Jewish Traditions
  • Legends of the Jews
  • JPS Tanakh Commentary Collection (9 Vols.)

Plus your soon to be released Midrash works
  Rabbi Eric Gurvis

Denise Barnhart

I bought Exodus, primarily to supplement my other commentaries that are frequently weak (or non-existent) in Exodus. Good quality level.

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