Resource: HALOT (Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament)

Key Features

  • Per general consensus on the forum, this is the ‘gold standard’, in working with the OT hebrew
  • For comparison, the ‘Concise’ version is also shown below. Although the ‘Concise’ is more affordable, the full version is almost always the better choice, if funds are available.
  • Logos offers a combo HALOT/BDAG, which combines the best hebrew and greek lexicons
  • Note that HALOT doesn’t include full coverage for the Targums (see the Targum Lexicon with CAL)
  • Also note that the aramaic portion of HALOT is in ‘Volume 5’, a separate resource indexed by the aramaic headwords

About pages from Logos4 for this book

HALOT – ‘CD-ROM’ version (hebrew):

HALOT – Volume 5 (aramaic):

Sample pages from this book

HALOT Example (CD-ROM resource):

Concise HALOT Example:

Comparison HALOT/CHALOT/NIDOTT by Dan DeVilder:

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Wiki & Key Forum Comments

Kevin Becker (forum) (Regarding HALOT vs NIDOTT)
That’s a tough choice. I have both in print and I’m wishing for them both electronically.

I’d probably go HALOT because it’s exhaustive and considered the standard work. However, with HALOT being in Portfolio I’m more likely to get NIDOTTE first because I aspire to get Portfolio and it would be more cost-effective that way. This reason may or may not have traction with you.

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