Resource: Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint, Revised Edition

Key Features

  • Concentrates on greek specifically in the LXX (vs greek found in the NT)
  • Lemmata of verbs are listed in their active voice ending (LXX uses only their passive or medial forms)
  • Contains a good discussion of LXX greek and its relation to koine greek in the intertestamental period
  • Also comes in the larger SESB package
  • Closely related resource: Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint (Muraoka) (example page below)

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Sample pages:

Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint

Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint (Muraoka)

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Denise Barnhart

If you want to do much work in the LXX, you’ll eventually need a greek lexicon tied directly to the LXX’s greek. The detail is not a lot to brag about however. I also keep Muraoka open and linked to my hebrew lexicons to allow a quick glance at how the LXX handled the hebrew/aramaic.

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