Resource: Dictionary of Biblical Languages w/Semantic Domains: Hebrew

Key Features

  • Swanson provides the only currently available semantically organized lexicon for hebrew and aramaic (Logos-chartered)
  • Hebrew numbering paralleled the NT categories for ease of use
  • There is no interlinear matching the hebrew to the Swanson numbers
  • Swanson offers three resources: hebrew, aramaic, greek (aramaic is especially useful)
  • An additional resource matched the NT UBS4 and Westcott against Swanson in interlinear format (see interlinears)
  • The Swanson greek interlinear for UBS4 is the only non-SESB resource for the NA27/USB4 greek

About page from Logos4 for this book

Sample pages from this book

Example page for hebrew semantic categories:

Example page for greek semantic categories:

Example page discussing hebrew numbering using greek sequence:

Forum Threads That Include Significant Discussion on this Resource (accuracy of Swanson; no followup) (looking up aramaic in english) (Swanson numbers in the OT)

Wiki & Key Forum Comments

Denise Barnhart

Swanson is an often ‘forgotten’ set of resources that can really come in handy when you’re looking at the hebrew or aramaic, and need to see the semantic alternatives (especially aramaic).

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