Resource: Bible Lessons International Collection

Key Features

  • Basic commentary targeted to lesson-building
  • Concise format; quickly readable; tries to be balanced
  • Versional comparisons, as well as periodic in-depth discussions

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Gary O’Neal (forum)
I’ve used his material from the website and thought it was well written. I’m impressed with the amount of work he has put into these studies. I also like his philosophy of personal study.
I don’t know the author, but my friend’s daughter sat under him in college. She spoke highly of him.

Greg B (forum: partial-comment)
There is a resource in my Logos but I am not sure how I came by it. It may have come with the Scholars package or it may have been a promotional giveaway. It is called “Hope in Hard TImes-The Final Curtain: Revelation by Bob Utley (aka R.J.D Utley). He tries to avoid advocating for a particular view but rather talks about the process of developing one’s view. He mentions that Ladd is one of his favorite commentators. I haven’t read the whole study guide but what I have read has been helpful.

Jim VanSchoonhoven (forum)
I love his material, but to be honest what I am really saying is we both have the same attitude towards the scriptures.
The nice thing about his material, is it is very easy to understand and to follow, even if you are new to what ever he is covering.
I have been following his website for sometime and could hardly believe it when I saw his materials in Logos, I believe it will be a real blessing to the body of Christ.

Greg Corbin (forum: partial-comment)
A second hidden gem is Bob Utley’s Study Guide Commentary series. I overlooked these because I thought they were written striclty for Sunday school teachers and would offer nothing that I wouldn’t come across through my other resources. In recent weeks, I have been pleasantly surprised to find them a valuable resource alongside my critical commentaries, expositional commentaries, and original language resources. Yes, they are concise but they are not shallow and occasionally have some very valuable insights. Well worth the five minutes or so it takes to consult them for a particular passage.

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