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Key Features

  • Package features Holmes, Lake and Lightfoot renditions, with a greek interlinear (examples below), plus english translations (no interlinear glosses)
  • Includes 1st/2nd Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp (Martyrdom/Phillippians), Didache, Epistle/Barnabas, Shepherd of Hermas, Epistle/Diognetus
  • Renditions can be purchased separately; also Apostolic Fathers in Greek-English Interlinear in development (will include english glosses)
  • Logos also offered a Lake reverse-interlinear produced by Rick Brannon in 2009, and included it in several of the higher-end packages (later removed). A screen copy is included below.

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Sample pages from this book

Apostolic Fathers: Holmes

Apostolic Fathers: Lightfoot

Apostolic Fathers: Lake

Apostolic Fathers: Lake Reverse-Interlinear (currently not available for purchase)

Forum Threads That Include Significant Discussion on this Resource (new interlinear in development) (choosing which author) (searching)

Wiki & Key Forum Comments

Rick Brannan (forum: partial-comment on development)
The Apostolic Fathers Greek-English Interlinear will have Greek as the top line, two levels of English glosses (one general gloss, one context-specific translation) as well as adding Louw-Nida references. It will also be morphologically tagged. The Greek text will be the text of Lake’s Apostolic Fathers.

Dominick Sela (forum)
I found this on, he seems to prefer LIghtfoot:
The best edition of the text, and the one used for the translation in this volume, is that of Karl Bihlmeyer, Die apostolischen Väter, Neubearbeitung der Funkschen Ausgabe, I Teil (Sammlung ausgewählter kirchen- und dogmengeschichtlicher Quellenschriften, II Reihe, I Heft, I Teil), Tübingen, 1924. This is a third revision of text published by F. X. Funk, Patres apostolici, 2 vols., Tübingen, 1901. Absolutely indispensable, however, is the monumental edition of J. B. Lightfoot, The Apostolic Fathers, Part 2: “S. Ignatius, S. Polycarp,” Revised Texts with Introductions, Notes, Dissertations, and Translations, 3 vols., 2d ed., London, 1889. An editio minor of Lightfoot was edited by J. R. Harmer, The Apostolic Fathers, Revised Texts with Short Introductions and English Translations, London, 1912. Other texts which should be consulted are: Th. Zahn, Ignatii et Polycarpi epistulae martyria fragmenta (Patrum apostolicorum opera, ed. O. de Gebhardt, A. Harnack, and Th. Zahn, Vol. II), Leipzig, 1876; Adolfus Hilgenfeld, Ignatii Antiocheni et Polycarpi Smyrnaei epistulae et martyria edidit et adnotationibus instruxit, C. A. Schwetschke and Sons, Berlin, 1902; Kirsopp Lake, The Apostolic Fathers, With an English Translation (Loeb Classical Library), London, 1912, Vol. I, pp. 280–301; Auguste Lelong, Les Pères apostoliques, III, Ignace d’Antioche et Polycarpe de Smyrne Épîtres, Martyre de Polycarpe, pp. 108–128. Texte grec, traduction française, introduction et index (Textes et documents pour l’étude historique du Christianisme, 12, ed. H. Hemmer and P. Lejay), 2d ed., Paris, 1927; G. Bosio, I Padri apostolici (Corona Patrum Salesiana, Series Graeca, 14), Società editrice internazionale, Turin, 1943, Vol. II, pp. 163–201.

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