Proclaim old 2


  • Switched from Awesomium to CEF. This will improve the performance of items and parts of the app that use embedded web browsers (Faithlife panel, webpage items, On-Screen Bible items, etc.)
  • Added changeable Confidence Monitor settings. Under the ‘settings’ menu, there is now a ‘Confidence Monitor Settings’. This will allow the user to choose what shows up on the confidence monitor (Clock, item title, countdown, etc).
  • UI and functionality changes to the Media Browser. These changes include:
  • The ‘Featured’ Tab. This tab will advertise featured media series in an easy to see view as well as sponsored ministry channels (groups of media)
  • The Search Facets Column. We moved all Search facets (filters) to a column on the left of the media browser window. All of the Service Item and Media Type filters are located in this column.
  • Added two new Search facet types: Collections search facets and Ministry Channels Search facets. The Collections search facets allow the user to narrow down a search by a broad collection (such as all Pro Media or all Graceway content). Ministry Channel search facets narrow down the search to all media in the certain Ministry Channel chosen.
  • Added a ‘Clear Filters’ Button. Clears all applied search facets with one click.
  • Added a link to switch tabs when a search does not return any options.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing bug related to uploading media and that media not loading correctly offline. All backgrounds used will load correctly offline now.
  • Added a warning message to songs when lines are long enough to force text scaling. Notifies the user when text size is being affected by the length of a line an a verse.
  • Fixed bug where copying and pasting certain text into a Song lyrics text box caused Proclaim to hang. Copying and pasting text into a Song item will work correctly now.

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