• Text effects can now be used on all text fields on the slide.
  • Customizing has now been moved to the edit menu. Instead of a separate menu to customize, there is now a customize bar near the top of the screen; It shows up when focusing on a certain caption of the slide. This allows for full customization while on-air.
  • Rotating text has been added. This allows rotation of captions on slides in 360 degrees.
  • Pattern overlay has been added as a new text effect; This allows the user to overlay different intricate patterns on the desired text, as well as the size and opacity of that pattern.
  • A link to release notes now shows in the start up screen when a new update is available and ready for installation (Windows Only).
  • New fonts have been added. A full list is coming shortly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where certain fonts did not render single quotes correctly. The offending fonts have been fixed.
  • Slide rendering has been improved; slides should now render faster.

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