• Rewrote the slide rendering code to make it cross platform (Mac and Windows), ensuring identical layout and rendering on each platform.
  • Moved away from the antiquated and unreliable ClickOnce installer technology to a more traditional Windows installer. This change should eliminate the corrupt installation problem that has been plaguing Proclaim users on Windows.
  • Moved from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.5, which is performed automatically by the installer. This should provide performance increases as well as allow us to take advantage of new features in the framework.
  • Moved to FlatUI. This gives the UI a bit of a makeover, moving towards a more modern and flat look. The timeline has been moved beneath the order of service to provide more horizontal space.
  • All Bible reference parsing and rendering is now Bible language aware. For example, if you’re using the Spanish RVR Bible then you can now enter “Juan 1.1”. Not only will the reference be parsed correctly but it will also be displayed as “Juan 1.1”.
  • Added a new quick screen which renders a Bible reference entered on the fly using the OSB service item.
  • Added setting to On Screen Bible service items to optionally show the Bible version, similar to Bible service items.
  • Change to preserve service item customization when changing backgrounds.
  • Added right click context menu to song entry helper, allowing users to remove songs from their My Songs section.
  • Changed navigation logic to advance past the pre-service loop when user manually navigates. Automatic playback will continue to loop until the appropriate time (dependent on the service start time).
  • Added context menu option to remove group uploaded audio files.
  • Added ability to specify auto-advance time for PPT driven items.
  • Updated ‘getting started’ video to match the FlatUI changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues related to improperly constructed reference display text.
  • Fixed bug causing dismissed toast message from reappearing.
  • Fixed bug where video uploads would get to 99% and then fail.
  • Fixed bugs with the first run wizard on Windows.
  • Fixed bug on Mac where preset font styles did not work.

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