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Adding youtube and vimeo videos to the presentation:
Adding images to the presentation
Editing/Adding Songs to the database

Proclaim is super simple. It’s the centralized solution to all your presentation needs. Proclaim lets you arrange lyrics, outlines, and images from anywhere, anytime. When you’re ready to present, just click On Air. No more last-minute presentation nightmares. Proclaim brings collaboration back to the table, so you and your service team can add to and edit your presentation throughout the week. Proclaim preps itself. No need to copy and paste lyrics anymore. Proclaim imports your order of service from Planning Center Online. With live internet at your venue, Proclaim signals allow you to send Scriptures and donation requests to mobile devices in your congregation.

The purpose of this document is to provide a common training document for Proclaim to setup and use their proclaim online accounts.

First Steps

You will need to create a account, unless you already have one to access Proclaim.
You can go to to create a Logos account

Head over to to download your own copy of Proclaim. (Mac\PC)
Also if you are an owner of an Apple IOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) or Android device you can go to the appropriate app store/market and download both LOGOS bible app and the Proclaim app for interaction during services.

Windows Start>All Programs>Logos Bible Software>Proclaim

Mac Command+Space>start typing proclaim and select it from the drop down menu.
And then log into Proclaim using your Logos account!

Next Steps

After logging into Proclaim with your Logos account you will want to link your Planning Center Online account.
Go to ACCOUNT>Link accounts...

Click on ‘Enter Info’ on the Planning Center’ line
Enter your username and password for Planning Center Online.
Now that you have successfully set up Proclaim, pat yourself on the back and then head on over to to watch some awesome how to videos to get an idea of how to navigate around the software.
Also the support forums are a great resource to get additional info, help, or just to see what is coming down soon in future updates!

Nifty Tips & Shortcuts

Your first time going ‘On Air’ with dual monitors(projector) you will have to drag the presentation window to the other screen and click on ‘Full Screen’.
Copy a slide from service to another without having to recreate it?
If you go to the “Add Item” menu, it will give you a list on the right of previously generated items you can reuse. Just type the name of the item you want to reuse, and it will find it.
To import a Planning Center plan, click on NEW> IMPORT FROM PLANNING CENTER. Make sure to select the the ‘Songs Only’ check box.

You can double click a slide either in the sidebar or bottom scroll area while ‘On Air’ to present it.
You can go On-Air displaying the Currently-selected slide by hitting Shift + F5 (Windows) or CMD + SHIFT + Enter (Mac).

Adding videos to the presentation:

Uploading Video

Proclaim supports .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .asf and .mpg/.mpeg video formats.
Streaming Video

Streaming sites allow users to customize video playback by manipulating the URL used to view that particular video.

First, I’ll list the URL in standard format displayed for that site, then the formatting of the full screen video version and finally an example of a URL formatted correctly to display a full screen video by default.
Normal Format –{video ID}
Normal Example –
Full Screen Format – http//{video ID}
Full Screen Example –
Enable Autoplay Format – http//{video ID}&autoplay=1
Enable Autoplay Example –
You can go here to find out more in depth info on customizing Youtube insertion.
Also for the visual learner here is a youtube video showing you how to make changes!

Normal Format –{video ID}
Normal Example –
Full Screen Format –{video ID}
Full Screen Example –

Editing/Adding Songs to the database

There are some automatically-generated and recognized tags, such as chorus, verse or bridge.
Also, you can create your own custom tags by surrounding the tag by square brackets, like this: [tag], [vamp], etc

File Upload

Click on Accounts> Upload Files to upload files for use, browse to file and select it.
Selecting a file (or files) to upload queues a background upload job which completes asynchronously.
While the file is being uploaded a local file placeholder is used, allowing you to continue editing the presentation as if the upload was instantaneous.
Added global tags and loop settings to multi-file upload.

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