Page Properties

Page properties appear at the top of a Wiki document. Each page property has a name and an optional value.

To add a page property, add a line to the top of the document that starts with a question mark (?) followed by a space. Then add the property name, and, optionally, a space followed by the property value.


Use this property to specify the “title” of the document. Normally, the first heading is used, but if that behavior is not desirable, or if the document does not have a heading, the Title property should be used to give the document a valid title.

? Title Actual Title
!! First Heading
The title of this document is "Actual Title".

First Heading

The title of this document is “Actual Title”.


Use this property to create hierarchy in the wiki. This page’s parent, and it’s parent’s parent, etc., are displayed as “breadcrumbs” at the top of the document to aid in navigation. For example, this document has the following page property:

? Parent Wiki Formatting

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