Notes excess spaces between items (mobile, android, s7edge)

On Logos 7 (on pc), Notes lists user-created items as a double-spaced list separated by underlines.
On the mobile, the listed items are spaced the same, only if they are ‘standalone’ Notes – that is, if they are made from inside the Notes app and are untethered to a library resource (ex., Bible passage). Any tethered Notes I have made from within the resources (ex., by going to a Bible, grabbing a passage, clicking on the quick menu’s create Note choice, completing the popup Note window choices and formatting, then Save) result in that item showing in the Notes user-created items list as having 6 or more line feeds (quad double-spacing) between items. This causes only 2 or 3 items to appear onscreen per screenload, requiring many, many screen scrolls to browse the entire list. While testing for any fixes, we found all syncs with Logos 7 work fine, no change occurs to the user-created items list by choosing different icons, highlight styles, font sizes, folder names, etc. While trying to troubleshoot, we guessed if there might be excess tabs or line feeds caused by the tethering. Thank you for any insight.

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