New Page (Touch Screen Windows 8.1 Reader Application)

Current Goodness:
Logos 6 can sync to a e-ink Kindle for general reading. Great Feature for non-academic work.
Problem: Highlighting and notes will not sync back to Logos profile. This will not change.

Android (and presumably iOS apps) will sync highlights and notes.

Current Problem:
Windows 8 Tablets with touch screens.
Regular windows 8.1 tablets running Logos 6 are difficult to use for general reading and use. Application is not designed for touch screen use.
A metro version or “windows 8 mode” (similar to android app) for the application that can be used for reading with highlight capability would be helpful.
Since these devices have the complete library installed additional features (like search or guides would be helpful)

Touch screen reader for Windows 8.1 allowing highlighting and notes.
Make a Tablet based user experience mode.

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