New Page (Media Search Ordering Problem)

Bug: Media Search Ordering Problem

Within the new media search if you were to type in “Beitzel”, “fine art”, “British Museum”, (you know the key word tags that are supposed to let you go page by page through the media, you will get a results back okay. So for British Museum, 50 some results. Now if you go page by page through those results 10 results on a page. You will see some of the same slides repeated and some of the slides you will never see. I am not sure why, but it seems like it is changing the order every time you select a page. I have seen this with all media resources. Seeing every single slide or pic is difficult because you will see duplicates and not see others as you go page to page. I hope this makes sense.

Steps to reproduce
1. Do a media search with any of the terms above
2. Watch very closely between pages you will see things that you saw on previous pages again and some slides that you know are there (and were counted in the results you will never see). After going through the British Museum back and forth several times I was able to get all real 52 slides, but it took awhile.

Actual Result
Ordering changes between page calls to the server.
Expected Result
Page 1 is consistently the same 10 slides, Page 2 is consistently the next 10 slides, etc. No results shown twice, all results shown.

System Specs
I am on Windows 8.1 i5, though I bet none of that matters, it is just the search code.

Please fix : )

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