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First and foremost, greetings Brothers and sisters. This is my first use of this resource. My question and or problem lies in the tip from Morris Proctor on creating a new collections from the library resources in where it can be printed out or copied to microsoft word. Then if copying to word, you can drag it to the task bar of logos 4. This is pretty cool and an easy way to know your books that you have. The way it works is by creating a (in my choice) document in microsoft word 2010 where the titles are hyperlinked. It is suppose to work from the task bar and it does, but the hyperlinks will not open the resources,
( usually hyperlinks are web addresses to my understaNDING, and the pointer is the finger pointing, in my case the highlights come up by hoovering over the hyperlink saying to press the control button and click to link, but it does not.) The error message says, “The operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator”. My question and plea for help is, is the problem in in my lack of understanding of my own computer LOL or in word 2010, or possibly with logos 4. I am using windows 7.
Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance,

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