Logos configuration files

Warning: This page is for advanced users only. Even for advanced users, this page is designed to help you view your configuration files, not to edit them. Modifying configuration files is not recommended in any circumstances.

Instead of storing it settings in the registry, Logos creates a variety configuration files in your Logos folder. This pages explains what the various configuration files are for. Modifying configuration files is absolutely not a good idea. Don’t attempt it! If you think a .db file has become corrupted, normally the safest thing to do is to delete the file, and it will be re-created – either from default settings, or from the settings on the Logos servers.

On Windows, your Logos folder is located at %appdata%/../local/Logos4/ . Inside the folder the files look like this:

  • Data
    • {random}
      • Audio Player
        • Usually empty
      • Bible Index
        • Various index.* files which are your Bible index
        • LibraryIndex.db which stores the build version of the currently indexed file for all your Bible resources. The indexer uses this to determine whether a file has been updated an needs reindexing.
      • DownloadManager
        • DownloadManager.db Lists jobs which are currently downloading. Used be the indexer to ensure all queued jobs are downloaded. Usually empty.
      • HistoryManager
        • history.db Stores the data used to create the History pane in Logos
      • HomePage
        • Various files used to display your home page. document-column?.xaml is human readable.
      • KeyLinkManager
        • keylinkmanager.db stores your resource prioritisation rules
      • LibraryCatalog
        • Various unknown files
        • catalog.db stores all the data about your resources. The records table is the most useful, which is the data used for the Library tab in Logos. This table can be used to find out resourceIds, and resource update timestamps.
      • LibraryIndex
        • Various index.* files which are your main index, supplemental.* files which are your supplemental index, and perhaps index-build.* files which are currently being build due to a resource update (soon to be merged into supplemental)
        • LibraryIndex.db keeps track of all this. IndexType in IndexedResources shows 0 for the Main index, and 1 for the supplemental.
      • LicenseManager
        • Products.db Contains information about your licences. It’s an encrypted file, so can’t be viewed.
      • PanelExporter
        • Contains unknown files related to print/export
  • Documents
  • Install
  • Shared
  • System
  • Users

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