Logos Series X Original Languages Library

English Bibles
•New American Standard Bible – 1995 Update
•English Standard Version
•New King James Version
•International Standard Version – New Testament
•King James Version
•King James Version Apocrypha
•Wuest’s Expanded New Testament

Bible Dictionaries
•New Bible Dictionary

Bible Commentaries
•Commentary Critical & Explanatory on Whole Bible (JFB)
•Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible
•New Bible Commentary
Greek Texts
•Textus Receptus Stephen’s 1550 Greek
•Nestle Aland 27th ed.
•Byzantine/Majority Textform Greek
•Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament
•Scrivener’s Textus Receptus
•Tischendorf’s Greek New Testament
•Septuaginta- Morphologically tagged edition, Alfred Rahlfs

Greek/English Interlinear
•Nestle Aland with McReynolds English Interlinear

Hebrew Texts
•Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia

Latin Texts
•Biblia Sacra Vulgata, the Latin Vulgate

Language Tools
•Tense Voice Mood

•NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Greek Lexicons
•Greek-English Lexicon Based on Semantic Domains (Louw Nida)
•Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament (BAGD) I am not sure this was included
•Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon, (Liddell & Scott)
•Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Greek NT)
•Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, abridged (Little Kittel)
•Unabridged Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
•Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon
•NAS Greek Dictionary

Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicons
•Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament
•Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew/Lexicon
•Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Aramaic OT)
•Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Hebrew OT)
•NAS Hebrew Dictionary

Analytical Greek / Hebrew Concordances
•Hebrew Morphology
•GRAMCORD Morphology

Original Language Grammars
•Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar
•Greek New Testament Insert, Chapman-Shogren
•Hebrew Bible Insert
•Synonyms of Old Testament-Girdlestone

Bible Maps
•Logos Deluxe Map Set

Bible Archaeology
•Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land

Word Studies
•Word Pictures in the New Testament
•Wuest’s Word Studies

Bible Lists
•Willmington’s Book of Bible Lists

•Systematic Theology
•Institutes of the Christian Religion

•Amarna Letters

•The Dead Sea Scrolls & Modern Translations of OT

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