Logos NT Greek Core Collection

This value packed collection includes the Nestle-Aland 26th edition Greek New Testament and some of the best lexicons available. It also comes with a Greek font you can use in your word processor.

  • King James Version
  • Strong’s Numbers with Lexicon
  • Nestle-Aland 26th Edition
  • Gramcord Greek Morphology
  • Kittel, Abridged Theological Dictionary
  • BGD Greek Lexicon
  • Louw/Nida Lexicon
  • Chapman’s Greek NT Insert
  • Electronic User’s Guide: Better than help files, we have actually made our user’s guide into a real electronic book! Forget frustrating help file indices, now you can search your entire user’s guide for all occurrences of any word or subject.
  • The Exclusive Logos Library Browser: organizes your personal library resources in a convenient outline arrangement, expandable to display tables of content and topics in multi-layered categories and sub-categories.

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