Logos 9.8

New Features
  • Localization
    • Added localization support for Chinese and Portuguese facets in Bible Browser.
  • Notes Tool
    • Added indent keyboard shortcuts to the Notes Tool.
      • MacOS: CMD+[ and CMD+]
      • Windows: CTRL+M and CTRL+SHIFT+M
  • Sermon Builder
    • Added a Print/Export button.
    • Added a Paste and Match Style to the Context Menu.
New Features for Windows
  • Installer
    • Added the ability to select UI language with installing the application.
    • Added localizations for German, French, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.
  • Panel Sidebar
    • Improved sidebar functionality on macOS for My Library, Workflows, and Resources.
  • Application Menus
    • Updated icons for external links in the application.
  • Bookstore
    • Changed secondary button to always show “Learn More”.
  • Context Menu
    • Changed “Take a note” to “Add a note”.
Bug Fixes
  • Courses Tool
    • Fixed a bug that caused the video frame for the Quickstart for Logos 9 to be small.
  • Dark Mode
    • Fixed a bug that caused the display of fonts for Resource Previews to be broken in Dark Mode.
  • Factbook
    • Fixed a bug that caused a hang when closing panel for certain entries.
    • Fixed a hang for certain keys in some languages.
  • Guide Sections
    • Fixed a bug that caused the some sections to flash when loading more hits.
  • Interactives Guide Section
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Interactives Guide Section to not display the “More” link. Thread
  • Lemma in Passage Guide Section
    • Fixed a crash caused by running the Lemma in Passage Guide Section after having lost access to the feature.
  • Library
    • Fixed a bug that caused Biblical names to display incorrectly in the Factbook facet section.
    • Fixed a crash when selecting a resource in My Library.
  • Resources
    • Fixed a bug that caused Wikipedia links to not show up in non-English resources.
  • Search
    • Fixed a bug that caused the auto-completer to suggest terms not present in a single resource surface search.
  • Sermon Builder
    • Fixed a bug that prevented slides from being generated when heading styles are applied.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the cursor from moving the correct location after clicking on the “Insert Block” pop-up.
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Bible Word Study Guide
    • Fixed a bug that caused some clipping of text in the “Lemma” section.
  • Media Tool
    • Fixed a crash when dragging a new media item open from an open Media Tool instance.
  • Topic Guide
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Topic section to be clipped.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Indexer
    • Fixed an application crash on startup.
  • Tabs
    • Fixed a bug that required hitting the tab button more than once to return focus to the panel navigation box. Thread

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