Logos 9.7 Beta 1

Released: July 13, 2021

Note: the format of saved concordances has changed in this release, and all saved concordances will need to be recreated.

New Features
  • Documents
    • Documents duplicated from the Panel Menu will now have a notification and link to open the document.
  • Factbook Tool
    • Selecting a different Factbook sidebar index now scrolls to and expands to the correct page.
  • Library
    • Added a new Preview link to items in the Store Tab.
  • Sermon Builder
    • Added Scripture block insertion inline suggestions.
    • Added the ability to drag and drop items in the Outline sidebar.
    • Added the ability to find text in a sermon using the CTRL/CMD+F keyboard shortcut.
  • Program Settings
    • Added a setting to show/hide the Store button.
      • Command: `set Show Store button to No/Yes`.
  • Ask the Author Tool
    • Removed the “Ask the Author” Tool.
  • Biblical People Guide Section
    • Removed the requirement to own the Biblical People Diagrams resource to use the Guide Section.
  • Factbook Tool
    • Changed separators in the “Also” list to semi-colons.
  • Groups Tool
    • Removed the Groups Tool.
  • Highlighting Tool
    • Updated colors for System Highlighting Styles.
  • Library
    • Replaced the yellow notification bar in the library with an indicator that is less distruptive. Thread
  • Wikipedia Tool
    • Removed the Wikipedia Tool.
  • Library
    • Improved sorting, faceting, and filtering performance.
  • Notes Tool
    • Improved note text editing performance.
  • Resources
    • Improved performance of many visual filters, including Atlas Maps, Community Notes, Corresponding Selection, Corresponding Words, Emphasize Active Lemmas, Emphasize Active References, Other Media, and Verse of the Day.
    • Improved Bible scrolling performance.
  • Other
    • Improved navigation box performance for some panels (e.g. search, guides, workflows).
    • Improved performance of label searches.
Bug Fixes
  • Application
    • Fixed a bug that prevented changes to the Application Theme from being reflected.
  • Basic Search
    • Fixed a crash in Bookstore search when results included an unsellable resource. Thread
  • Commentaries Guide Section
    • Fixed a bug that caused Commentaries to not properly expand or collapse. Thread
  • Dark Mode
    • Fixed styling bugs for Visual Filter Documents.
    • Fixed styling bugs for the Bible Sense Lexicon Tool. Thread, Thread
    • Fixed stylings bugs in the Passage Analysis Tool.
  • Factbook Tool
    • Fixed a bug that caused some section for the February 29 page when it is a leap year.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Factbook sidebar to scale when Program and Content Scaling is changed.
  • Go Box
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Go Box to not respect the command to “Go to” or “Lookup” a reference in a particular resource. Thread
  • Guide Templates
    • Fixed a bug that caused Guide Templates to not load the correct collections when added in Verbum. Thread
  • Library
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Store Tab to not refresh correctly after making a purchase.
  • Resources
    • Fixed a bug that caused Hebrew headwords to have unnecessary parentheses in the resource Reference Box.
    • Fixed a bug that caused newly purchased resources to not automatically download when “Automatically Start Downloads” is set to no. Thread
    • Fixed a bug that prevented resources from being filtered by facets from the sidebar. Thread
    • Fixed the Media visual filters (Atlas Maps, Other Media, Verse of the Day).
  • Sermon Builder
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Sermon Builder from linking to the correct Bible reference for some preferred Bibles.
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Sermon Builder
    • Enabled Cmd+]/Cmd+[ for Sermon indentation.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Bible Search
    • Fixed a bug that caused Bible Cross-Reference hyperlinks to not work. Thread, Thread

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