Logos 9.6 Beta 1

Released: June 01, 2021

New Features
  • Concordance Tool
    • Added localization for French, Chinese, and Portuguese.
  • Factbook
    • Added new Factbook Contents Sidebar with subdirectories to help navigate.
    • Added a Monographs section to Factbook.
    • Added localization for the Factbook auto-complete in French.
  • Library
    • Added a link to the online store when there are no results in the Store tab.
    • Factbook facets now use standard Bible names for biblical books.
  • Resources
    • Added a working indicator to Cloud Resource view while the download is in progress.
    • Resources purchased using “Quick Buy” are now opened automatically.
  • Sermon Builder
    • Added Keyboard Shortcuts to tooltips in Sermon Builder.
    • Added support to allow the independent changing of the style of each block inside an editable passage block group.
New Features for Windows
  • Reading Plans
    • Improved the ability of the user to enter multiple reading plan entries rapidly using ENTER, Space Bar, and Tab by adding focus behavior.
  • Indexing
    • More efficient indexing for Bibles, personal books, and documents.
  • Notes Tool
    • Faster loading/refreshing of the note list pane in the Notes panel.
    • Faster loading/refreshing of the facet/filter pane in the Notes panel.
    • Note access while editing or syncing should be faster.
  • Resources
    • Improved performance for opening and scrolling resources.
Bug Fixes
  • Commentaries Guide Section
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Commentaries Guide Section from being refreshed.
  • Dark Mode
    • Fixed Dark Mode styling bugs for Bibliography Documents add citations popup.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented viewing previews for some resources in Dark Mode.
  • Factbook
    • Fixed a bug the caused certain section expanders to not work correctly. Thread
  • Library
    • Fixed a crash when opening the Library with some Subject facets applied.
    • Improved the linking of a resource to the appropriate store.
  • Notes Tool
    • Fixed a bug that caused Bible references to not completely hyperlink when added after an image. Thread, Thread
    • Fixed a crash caused by typing `[]` into a note. Thread
  • Resource Previews
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a full preview from loading after making a purchase.
  • Sermon Builder
    • Fixed a bug that prevented bold and italics text to not be properly formatted in slides.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Content Scaling to make sermon text too large.
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Dark Mode
    • Fixed search bar and markup dropdown styling for Visual Filter documents.
    • Fixed resource selector styling.
  • Localization
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the app from launching in French when OS is set to French.
  • Personal Book
    • Fixed a bug that caused required a restart when editing and recompiling a Personal Book.
  • Sermon Builder
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Indent and Unindent keyboard shortcuts from working. Keyboard shortcuts changed to Tab and Shift+Tab.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Dark Mode
    • Fixed styling bug causing the separator in the “Word-by-Word” guide section to be unreadable.
    • Fixed Dark Mode styling bug that caused the Print/Export pagination to be unreadable.
    • Fixed Dark Mode styling bug for Cards in Workflow sections.
  • Library
    • Fixed a bug that caused resources selected in the Library to be deselected after metadata is edited. Thread

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