Logos 9.4

Released: April 13, 2021

New Features
  • Charts Tool
    • Added a Charts button to Inline Search on Bibles.
  • Counseling Guide
    • Added a new “Books from Your Library” section.
    • Added a new “Dictionaries” section.
  • Factbook
    • Added additional resource traits for resources in the Bookstore section.
    • Added Counseling Topic links to the “See Also” section.
  • My Library
    • Changed the order of the Type and Subject facets and moved them to the top of the facet sidebar in the Yours and Store tabs.
  • Program Settings
    • Added new wording to the tooltip for the “Community Rating” settings.
  • Reading Plans
    • Added a new “Versículos devotionales” predefined Reading Plan for Spanish.
New Features for Windows
  • Program Settings
    • Added a new setting to “Enable hardware acceleration”. This will be on by default except for Windows computers with an 11th Generation Intel chip.
Performance Improvements for Windows
  • Application Shell
    • Removed frame rate limit.
Bug Fixes
  • Basic Search
    • Fixed a potential crash when searching Everything Search while offline.
  • Clause Search
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct Book Divisions from being available when switching Bible translations. Thread
    • Changed “Syntactical Roles” to “Grammatical Roles” in the search cookbook. Thread
  • Context Menu
    • Fixed a bug that removed the “Take a note” menu item in the Context Menu for some references.
  • Custom Guides
    • Fixed a crash caused by expanding all/collapsing all sections in a Custom Guide when the user does not have a license for the Counseling or Theology Guide.
  • Dark Mode
    • Fixed styling issues for the Info Bar message when editing Reading Plans.
  • Documents Tool
    • Fixed a bug that caused Documents created in non-English UI to not be set with the correct document language.
  • My Library
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Info Panel sections in the Store Tab from expanding by default.
  • Notes Tool
    • Fixed a crash when copying a shape from Microsoft Word. Thread
    • Fixed a crash caused by some potentially invalid Note data when viewing the note in Notes.
  • Reading Plans
    • Fixed a crash that occurred in Reading Plans created from resources without a table of contents.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed a bug that caused the link to the Help File to go to the wrong location when localized.
  • Resource Previews
    • Fixed a bug that prevented resource previews from some unowned resources from being displayed.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a working indicator from being displayed when resources are previewed.
  • Sermon Builder
    • Improved the handling of failed slides when they are loading.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented formatting from being preserved when copying from one sermon document to another.
  • Sermon Manager
    • Fixed a bug that caused UK formatted dates in an imported CSV document from being recognized when the system was set to the UK region. Thread
    • Added back secondary sorting of columns in grid-view when holding down the SHIFT key.
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • My Library
    • Fixed a crash caused by prioritizing a resource via the Tile View in the Library.
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed a bug that caused Table of Content expander arrows to be duplicated in macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • Synchronization
    • Fixed a potential intermittent sync error.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Collections Tool
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Collections Tool from displaying a resource count. Thread
  • First-Run Dialog
    • Fixed a potential crash when running the First-Run Dialog.

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