Logos 9.3 Beta 1

Released: January 28, 2021

New Features
  • Factbook
    • Added a Sermon Starter Guide link to Factbook entries keyed to a Bible passage.
    • Added a “Related Senses” section link to Factbook entries keyed to a lemma.
    • Added a “Daily Devotional” section to Factbook entries keyed to a calendar date.
    • Added an “On This Day” section to Factbook entries keyed to a calendar date.
    • Added a “Saints” section to Factbook entries keyed to a calendar date.
  • My Library
    • Added a new Store tab that allows users to search and facet for unowned resources.
      • Known Issue: Field searches, e.g., author:Name, may or may not work. They are not officially supported at this time but we may consider it for a future enhancement.
  • Panel Menu
    • Added a link to “Discuss this feature” to the Panel Menu that links to a Faithlife group. (Only available in Logos and English UI)
    • Added a Duplicate, Delete, and Share option to Document Panel Menus.
  • Sermon Builder
    • Added a word count/time estimate pop-up to the Sermon Builder.
  • Sermon Manager
    • Added the ability to import sermon information from .csv documents.
      • To import data from a .csv document the titles used in heading cells for that document need to match those used in the Grid View of Sermon Manager (i.e. Title, Series, Passages ect).
    • All holidays and Faithlife Group calendar events are now always visible in Grid View.
    • Added a Trash link to deleted Sermon Documents.
    • Added a Print/Export option to the Sermon Manager Panel Menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Factbook
    • Improved the placement of the “Read more” link for Factbook entries on grammar.
    • Improved the color of the Factbook Visual Filter underline.
    • Fixed a bug that disabled turning the Factbook Visual Filter off when in a Multi-View Resource set.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented right-clicking on an Event Date link in Factbook.
  • Sparkline Graph
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Sparkline Graph to use the wrong translation to create the graph. Thread
  • Sermon Builder
    • Improved the consistency of the Auto-Publish option in Sermon Builder.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a delay when changing the translation for a Bible Passage Block card.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Performance
    • Automatically disable hardware acceleration to work around a performance problem on computers using an 11th Generation Intel chip. Thread

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