Logos 9.3

Released: March 02, 2021

New Features
  • Command Box
    • Added a guide key label to Guides with the same name in the Command Box. Thread
  • Factbook
    • Added a Sermon Starter Guide link to Factbook entries keyed to a Bible passage.
    • Added a “Related Senses” section link to Factbook entries keyed to a lemma.
    • Added a “Daily Devotional” section to Factbook entries keyed to a calendar date.
    • Added an “On This Day” section to Factbook entries keyed to a calendar date.
    • Added a “Saints” section to Factbook entries keyed to a calendar date.
  • My Library
    • Added a new Store tab that allows users to search and facet for unowned resources.
      • Known Issue: Field searches in the Store tab (e.g., author:Name) are not officially supported at this time and may not always work.
  • Panel Menu
    • Added a “Discuss this feature” item to the Panel Menu, which links to a Faithlife group for help on a particular Logos tool or document.
    • Added a Duplicate, Delete, and Share option to Document Panel Menus.
  • Sermon Builder
    • Added a word count/time estimate pop-up to the Sermon Builder.
  • Sermon Manager
    • Added the ability to import sermon information from .csv documents.
      • To import data from a .csv document the titles used in heading cells for that document need to match those used in the Grid View of Sermon Manager (i.e. Title, Series, Passages ect). See details at Import Sermon Metadata.
      • Known Issue: All dates are parsed in US date format (month, day, year). In 9.4, date parsing respects your operating system’s locale.
    • All holidays and Faithlife Group calendar events are now always visible in Grid View.
    • Added a Trash link to deleted Sermon Documents.
    • Added a Print/Export option to the Sermon Manager Panel Menu.
New Features for Mac
  • Installation
    • Added support to automatically fix file permissions in additional directories when launching the application.
Bug Fixes
  • Factbook
    • Improved the placement of the “Read more” link for Factbook entries on grammar.
    • Improved the color of the Factbook Visual Filter underline.
    • Fixed a bug that disabled turning the Factbook Visual Filter off when in a Multi-View Resource set.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented right-clicking on an Event Date link in Factbook.
  • Sparkline Graph
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Sparkline Graph to use the wrong translation to create the graph. Thread
  • Sermon Builder
    • Improved the consistency of the Auto-Publish option in Sermon Builder.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a delay when changing the translation for a Bible Passage Block card.
    • Fixed various slide rendering and publishing bugs caused by working offline.
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Documents Tool
    • Fixed a bug that caused the items in the New Docs menu to not be alphabetized.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Performance
    • Set a system registry setting to disable hardware acceleration for WPF applications on Windows computers with an 11th Generation Intel chip. This resolves a display issue that occurred in some Logos panels. Thread

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