Logos 9.2 Beta 1

Released: December 16, 2020

New Features
  • Factbook
    • Added display options to the Factbook Visual filter.
    • Added a Today in Christian History section keyed to the Day of the Year.
    • Added a date subtitle to Timeline Events.
    • Add a Recommended Reading section for Lexham Systematic Theology references.
    • Add a Systematic Theologies section for Lexham Systematic Theology references.
    • Improved the display of Bible references in the See Also section for Preaching Themes.
  • Guides
    • Added a “Expand/Collapse All” option to the context menu for the Commentaries Guide section.
  • Home Page
    • Added a new Today in Christian History card to the Explore section of the Home Page.
  • Notes Tool
    • Added the ability to drag and drop images into a note.
      • Known Issues:
        • Dragging to the end of the note content fails to add the image.
        • Dragging Logos Media from Media Tool fails to add the image.
  • Search
    • Added the ability to search for cross-reference footnotes when searching for a Bible reference in a Bible.
      • Known Issue: Bible references do not show up in the autocompleter for Bible search, and results are not available within Inline Search when set to Bible.
    • Added the ability to collapse the Factbook section in the Search Panel.
  • Sermon Documents
    • Added the ability to Publish a Sermon document. (Also applies to previous versions.)
  • Sermon Manager
    • Added a Context Menu with options to Select Series, Select All, and make other modifications to Sermons.
    • The facet for Sermon Passages are now sorted according to canonical order.
New Features for Mac
  • Draw on Screen
    • Added Draw on Screen to the Application Menu.
  • Library
    • Changed the spelling of “eBook” to “Ebook”.
Bug Fixes
  • Context Menu
    • Fixed a bug that caused Preaching Themes to be duplicated in the context menu. Thread
  • Dark Mode
    • Fixed a bug that caused text copied from a Note in Dark Mode to have a black background when pasted into various word processors.
  • Factbook
    • Fixed a bug that caused a “Open in Media Tool” link when are were no results.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Key Article resource link in Factbook to not wrap when the panel was narrowed.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong information to be displayed in the tooltip within the Events section.
    • Fixed a potential crash for users who do not have the correct resources downloaded.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the “Save as Passage List” and “Open in Bible” when there are no Bible references.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented focus from being given to the Navigation Box for Factbook when first opened. Thread
    • Fixed a crash that caused the Factbook panel to go blank when loading more results in the Sermon section. Thread
  • Guides
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Reference Box in a guide to be cleared when adding or removing a section. Thread, Thread
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Pronunciation Tool icon to be displayed for lemmas when the feature is not owned.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the “More” link for the Key Passages section to page through the See Also section.
  • Localization
    • Fixed a bug that caused links in the About Panel to go to English store link instead of Spanish when the UI is in Spanish.
  • Notifications
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the link to the Release Notes from being displayed. Thread
  • Program Scaling
    • Fixed bugs related to using multiple monitors and various DPI and Scaling settings.
  • Workflows
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Commentaries Guide Section to not load properly when changing settings or loading more data.
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Search
    • Fixed a bug that caused Search Templates to open up in the wrong location.
  • Sermon Documents
    • Fixed a potential crash when a Sermon Document is being saved.
  • Syntax Search
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Syntax Searches lemma autocomplete to accept and populate lemmas. Thread, Thread, and Thread
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Program Scaling
    • Fixed a bug that caused lines to show up on the Panel Menu when Program Scaling was set at certain percentages. Thread, Thread, Thread

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