Logos 9.1 Beta 3

Released: November 17, 2020

New Features
  • Factbook Tool
    • Added a new global shortcut for the Factbook Tool.
      • Ctrl+Alt+F on Windows
      • CMD+Ctrl+F on Mac
    • Added a right-click context menu to media.
    • Added a right-click context menu to the Factbook button in the main window toolbar.
    • Removed descendant senses from the Biblical Senses section.
  • Localization
    • Added localizations for some predefined Reading Plans.
  • Program Settings
    • Added Literata font as an option for resources.
Bug Fixes
  • Charts Tool
  • Factbook Tool
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Bible Book Guide section to not show up in when it should.
    • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect count for the “Open passages in Bible” link.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Cultural Concept links to go to the wrong location.
    • Fixed a crash for Cultural Concepts caused when a dataset is not downloaded.
  • Search
    • Fixed Dark Mode bugs for the Search panel.

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