Logos 9.1 Beta 1

Released: November 03, 2020

New Features
  • Commentaries Guide Section
    • Added support for Bible Notes and Study Bibles types to the Commentaries Guide Section.
    • Added publication date for commentaries to the Commentaries Guide Section.
    • Added a “Series” group and a “No Series” group to the Series option in the Commentaries Guide Section.
    • The Commentaries Guide Section now displays only the first two authors of a multi-author work.
  • Factbook Tool
    • Added “Open in Bible” and “Save as Passage List” options to certain sections in the Factbook Tool.
    • Added “Expand All” and “Collapse All” menu to section headers in Factbook Tool.
    • Added lemma transliterations to autocomplete subtitles in the Factbook Tool.
    • Added links to the Factbook Tool in the Context Menu for certain resources.
    • Added Counseling Themes, Theological Topics, and Preaching Theme resources to the Bookstore section in the Factbook Tool.
  • Home Page
    • Added a new card for upcoming sermons.
  • Sermon Manager
    • Changing filter options will now deselect sermons in the Sermon Manager.
    • Moved the “Weekly Grid” and “Radial Calendar” options to a text toggle.
    • Added a “Next Year” and “Next 12 Months” options to the date picker.
    • Added a new series ring to the Radial Calendar for each service.
    • Added auto-publish to Faithlife Sermons option to the Info sidebar.
Bug Fixes
  • Dark Mode
    • Improved certain colors in resources.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Words of Christ to be too dark in Dark Mode.
    • Fixed styling issues in My Library “Details” and “Tile” views in Dark Mode.
    • Fixed styling issues for Keyboard Shortcut indicators and Notebooks in the Highlighting Tool.
    • Fixed styling issues with the Keyboard Switcher in Dark Mode.
  • Factbook Tool
    • Fixed a bug that caused authors to be sorted incorrectly.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Key Article for Greek lemmas to link to the Lexham Lexicon of the LXX instead of the Lexham Lexicon of the New Testament.
    • Fixed a bug that causes the Topic section to be missing from Everything Search.
    • Fixed a crash when autocompleting on certain lemmas.
    • Fixed a bug that caused tooltips to display the wrong count. Thread
  • Localization
    • Improved localization initialization of the application.
  • Sermon Manager
    • Fixed a bug that caused sermons to remain selected when switching between the “Weekly Grid” and “Radial Calendar” views.
    • Fixed styling issues for Topic suggestions in the Sermon Manager while in Dark Mode.

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