Logos 9.10 Beta 1

Released: November 16, 2021

New Features
  • Citations
    • Added new citation styles and updated previous ones.
  • Text Comparison
    • Improved the display of the Interlinear View in Text Comparison.
Bug Fixes
  • Home Page
    • Fixed a crash when clicking on some Home Page cards.
  • Library
    • Fixed a bug preventing resources purchased in the application from being immediately downloaded when “Automatically download new resources” is turned off.
  • Localization
    • Fixed title case for items localized in French.
  • Notes Tool
    • Fixed a crash when trying to close the Notes Tool while typing.
  • Resources
    • Fixed a crash when the “Biblical People” resource is missing.
    • Fixed a potential crash when closing a resource panel after double-clicking.
  • Visual Filter
    • Fixed a potential crash when the “Verse of the Day” Visual Filter is applied.
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Bible Search Panel
    • Fixed a bug that caused search results to be misaligned.
  • Print/Export
    • Fixed a crash when opening Print/Export from Bible Word Study with Copy Bible Verses open.
  • Resources
    • Fixed a bug that caused some videos to not play.
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Localization
    • Fixed an issue where the Input Method Editor (IME) that is used to enter Korean or Chinese characters doesn’t appear in the correct position for native inputs (for example: Library, Guides menu, Tools menu).
      • Known Issue: IME input is in an incorrect position on the screen when typing in Notes, Sermons, and some other places in the application. This issue is actively under investigation.

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