Logos 8.1 RC 1

Released: December 04, 2018

New Features
  • Home Page
    • Reopening the Home page now refreshes today’s content when the application has been left running overnight. Thread
  • Notes Tool
    • Added the ability to disconnect from a shared notebook by deleting the notebook.
  • Workflows
    • When creating a Reading Plan from a Workflow it now opens to the “Choose Reading Plan Type” page so that users can select the type of plan desired.
Bug Fixes
  • Canvas
    • Fixed a bug that prevented new Canvas documents from being saved.
  • Home Page
    • Fixed a crash caused by the Community Pricing feed being enabled on the Home Page when launching the application without an internet connection.
  • Notes Tool
    • Using CTRL+Space in the Notes editor will now clear formatting from selected text.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the “Add Anchor” interface from scrolling into view when editing a long note.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some links from working when the resource was missing.
  • Panel Scaling
    • Fixed a bug that caused a change in resource panel scaling to affect the scaling of a resource’s Table of Contents.
  • Workflows
    • Fixed a bug that prevented steps that used the Atlas Tool when running a Biblical Place Study workflow.

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