Logos 7.9

Logos 7.9 ( was released on September 05, 2017.

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New Features

Guide Section

  • A new section that displays Sermon Outlines, it is on by default in Sermon Starter Guides. This section can be added to Passage and Exegetical Guides.

Visual Filters

  • Added new Media Visual Filters for Atlas, Verse of the Day art, and other Media.

New Features

Courses Tool

  • The Courses tool will show a plan as completed when all required sessions have been completed. Thread

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ⌘+T now opens a new tab on Mac.

Resource Navigation

  • Resources with Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic headwords can now be navigated using untransliterated words (I.e. g:logos).


  • Added ‘Send to Sermon’ to Sermon Outline references in the context menu.
  • The preferred Bible section of an Everything search will display the Bible verse for reference searches such as “Gen 1:1” or “<Gen 1:1>.”
  • In an Everything search, the Library Results section is higher in the list, and a limited list of results is displayed along with a link to run an All Resources search showing the normal presentation of results.
  • Added Fuzzy Bible search results to Bible searches



  • New Windows option to make Logos faster. See this Thread for instructions on how to use. (Windows only)
  • Improved startup performance.



  • Reduced white space between Toolbar Shortcuts. (Mac only) Thread

Bug Fixes

Command Bar

  • Fixed crash when running a new document command without a license to the document type.

Courses Tool

  • Fixed issue of extra white space in video panel display. (Mac only) Thread
  • Fixed issue where videos could not be unhidden after closing the split video pane. (Mac only) Thread


  • Fixed issue with missing lemmas in “Referred to As” section.


  • Fixed occasional crash in Grammatical Constructions section of Exegetical Guide.


  • Fixed inability to search reverse interlinear data in a Bible after the first time indexing the Bible. Thread
  • Fixed bug where distinct hits were merged together in search results if they were contiguous (e.g., <Person Jesus> in Matt 1:1). Thread


  • Removed pointless context menu in some tools (Courses, Bible Browser).

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