Logos 7.8 Beta 4

Logos 7.8 Beta 4 ( was released on July 10, 2017.

Bug Fixes

Command Box

  • Improved performance in the Command Box when entering multi-word commands Thread

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Panels are reopened to their default location regardless of which panel is active. Thread
  • CTRL/⌘+Shift+T will not reopen a New Tab panel that was closed.

Media Tool

  • Clicking on the Verse of the Day art from the Home Page opens the Media Tool to the correct image.

Sermon Editor

  • Generating a slide using “Add slides from selected references” within a numbered list now correctly indents the passage. Thread


  • Fixed resources not detecting updates after manually reverting to an older version of the resource.

Visual Filters

  • Fixed crash when closing resource panels with the “Emphasize active lemmas” Visual Filter active. Thread

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