Logos 7.8

7.8 ( was released on July 27, 2017.

This build is an update to 7.8 which was shipped on Monday and unpublished when we realized there was a crash affecting some users on startup.

We have fixed the crash with this build. If you had already updated to 7.8 and your app was working as expected there should be no changes. If this is your first time on 7.8 you’ll see all of the improvements and fixes for the first time.

This wasn’t released as 7.8 SR-1 due to an internal error with our publishing process.

New Features

Command Box

  • Entering an untransliteration word (g:logos) in the Command Box will suggest Look Up and Bible Word Study commands.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL/CMD+Shift+T will now reopen the last closed tab. Thread
  • The New Search Engine is now enabled by default. Feature originally announced here.



  • Improved application startup speed and performance.



  • A blue notification icon to restart application is made visible when changing any settings that require a restart.
  • Set Verbum to yes/no now requires an application restart.


  • Change spacing around buttons on application tool bar.

Visual Filters

  • Improved Bible heading spacing for Bible text only. Thread

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study Guide

  • The Septuagint Translation Section now shows the correct purchase options when users do not own the required resources.

Bibliography Document

  • Bibliography documents can now import citations from Clippings and other Bibliography documents. (Mac only)

Cited By Tool

  • Cited By result count is not shown when it cannot be determined.


  • The Collection Section result count is not shown when it cannot be determined.

Home Page

  • Corrected issue causing some Lectionary readings to crash the application. Thread

Media Resources

  • Fixed issues with playback rate preferences not being preserved. (Windows only)

Media Tool

  • Clicking on the Verse of the Day art from the Home Page opens the Media Tool to the correct image.
  • Copyright information for media is now displayed in edit view.
  • Fixed potential crash when using Graph results.

Sermon Editor

  • Fixed smart text replacement for bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Generating a slide using “Add slides from selected references” within a numbered list now correctly indents the passage. Thread


  • Application links now open expected panels.


  • Fixed resources not detecting updates after manually reverting to an older version of the resource.

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