Logos 7.7

Logos 7.7 ( was released June 12, 2017.


Home Page

  • Fixed a long delay in showing the Home Page when there are many recently updated resources. (Windows only)


  • Fixed excessive CPU consumption during general use of Media Tool. Thread, Thread, and Thread

Notes Document

  • Fixed issue where Split view caused a CPU spike. (Mac only) Thread


  • Fixed a potential hang while exiting the app on Mac. Thread



  • Changed export format for Copy location as: URL.


  • Added support for new resources.

URL Support

  • Changed the output of “Copy location as: URL” to fix problems with long URLs. All existing ref.ly URLs will continue to work.

Visual Filters

  • Improved Bible text only display for One verse per a line (i.e. NASB). Thread

Bug Fixes

Bibliography Tool

  • New Bibliography documents default to the preferred citation style. Thread

Courses Tool

  • Unavailable plans can no longer be started.
  • Fixed bug where some plans did not display the correct video. Thread


  • Fixed crash when working offline and expanding unavailable guide sections.


  • Fixed crash when loading Lectionary Quickstart or Home Page layout on days when preferred lectionary has no Bible readings. Thread

Media Tool

  • Fixed bug that caused images from the Empty Tomb Interactive to not load in the Media Tool. Thread

Notes Document

  • Fixed bug where Save As Sermon was missing from the settings panel. (Mac only)

Passage Guide

  • Fixed potential crash when adding new sections. (Mac only)
  • Fixed potential crash within the Sermons section.

Passage List Document

  • Fixed bug where Save As Sermon was missing from the settings panel. (Mac only)

Program Settings Tool

  • Fixed bug that prevented font options for Korean and Chinese fonts to be displayed. (Mac only) Thread

Read Aloud

  • Fixed crash when using Read Aloud in a Chinese resource. Thread

Resource Panel

  • Fixed crash when clicking on a truncated Table of Contents in Thai resources. (Mac only)
  • Prevent entering series names that are all spaces. Thread

Sermon Editor

  • Fixed crash when pasting text with strikethrough formatting into a sermon document. Thread
  • Fixed issue with text formatting not always persisting. Thread


  • Fixed potential crash on application startup. (Windows only)
  • Fixed potential crash when updating a large number of resources. (Mac only)

Visual Filters

  • Fixed crash with the Propositional Outlines visual filter. Thread

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