Logos 7.6 Beta 1

7.6 Beta 1 ( was released on March 27, 2017.



  • Removed deprecated Grammars section. (see this forum post for more info.


  • Removed “Custom Chrome” from Windows application. “Set custom chrome to yes/no” is no longer available. Thread, Thread, and Thread

Bug Fixes


  • Fix crash caused by a specific filter rule in Collections. Thread


  • Interlinear cells are now correctly copied. Thread

Library Catalog

  • Application no longer rebuilds the library catalog index on every startup for users who have any temporary licenses.


  • Fixed slow display of CUV text. (Windows only) Thread
  • Fixed issue with charts having a red background in some resources. Thread, and Thread
  • Preview now correctly displays footnote content in new search engine results. New Search Engine
  • LXX search analysis now displays Hebrew and Greek morphology data in separate columns. Thread

Text Comparison

  • Print/Export is now hidden in Interlinear Mode on Mac.

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