Logos 7.5 RC 1

Logos 7.5 RC 1 ( was released on Monday, March 13, 2017



  • Closing all panels with either the “Close all panels” button or “Close All” command now saves a layout snapshot.

Sermon Editor

  • Bible reference detection is now improved, formats such as jn. 3.16 will be recognized as John 3:16.
  • Sermons can now be auto-published to SoundFaith.
  • Sermons that have been published to SoundFaith now include a link to the published sermon.

Bug Fixes


  • Syntax Search documents now correctly show all search Specifics on Mac. Thread

Media Tool

  • Slide text entered into Body Text fields is now left aligned.

Sermon Editor

  • Opening a new sermon document without making any changes no longer saves a blank document.
  • A sermon document created from a Sermon Starter Guide now auto-fills in the sermon author.

Resource Panel

  • Corrected link to “Manage mobile devices” in resource panel. Thread


  • The “Close all panels” button is now disabled when there are no open panels or active layout.

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